serving the highland lakes & surrounding areas 

Thank you for your interest in All Corners Cleaning Services. We look forward to giving you the best quality cleaning and customer service. We understand that everyone's needs and expectations are unique and important.  We pride ourselves in having the highest of standards in both efficiency and attention to detail.  All of our cleaning team members are trained to use exclusive and professional cleaning techniques to ensure the job is done fast and done right.  Cleaning team members are background checked with state and federal agencies, as well as social media, to ensure they will properly represent the integrity and professionalism we wish to project.  Please read over our policies and guidelines. We like to give all of our customers expectations up front and keep guidelines in place in order to deliver a professional and dependable service. We appreciate your business.  

KEYS/CODES/ALARMS:  Many customers prefer to give us a key or other method of entering their home.  We prefer that alarms be kept off for the day of cleaning.  If alarm must be armed, All Corners Cleaning will not be responsible for a false alert.  All keys, codes, and methods of entry are securely stored.  

PRIOR TO CLEANING:  To make our cleaning services more efficient, we ask that you pick up clothing, toys, and other items prior to a visit from our cleaning teams.  

CLEANING SUPPLIES:  We will always arrive at your home or business with our cleaning products and equipment.  If there is a special cleaner that you prefer, please contact our office and we will notate the work order to use that particular cleaner.  Additional services need to be requested in advance so that we can schedule the additional time and supplies needed.  

CLEANING TEAMS:  We usually work in teams of two; however, at times an employee make work alone or in a team of three. Team members are trained before they are permitted to enter your home, however, there is on-the-job training required in this line of work.  Training continues as we learn about new cleaning products or methods and reinforce prior training. Each team includes a Team Leader to ensure that cleaning tasks are correctly completed. The team leader's job to learn your home and teach the team members to deliver the quality of service that you would expect.   We make every effort to have the same team cleaning your home. Occasionally, there may be a change in a team member due to illness or other reason.  We permanently document on your work order file so that if we have to substitute a team or member, they will have instructions for you home.  

QUALITY ASSURANCE:  We want to ensure that you are consistently happy with our service, but we are human and a mistake might occur.  Please notify us within 24 hours of your cleaning if you are displeased with the quality of service so that we can return to correct the items in a timely manner.   Any suggestions that you may have to help us improve the quality of service is greatly appreciated.  Since cleaning is a very personal and subjective service, we do not offer refunds to customers.   

Most of our workers are pet friendly; however, please inform us of your pets prior to arrival.  Please understand that our employees do not clean animal or human feces, urine, vomit, or other biohazards for health and insurance reasons.  

For our team members safety, we do not move anything over 35 lbs.  If you wish to have an obstructed area cleaned, please move furniture prior to arrival. For our safety and the safety of our clients, please notify at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled service of any infectious diseases that occur in your household.   All Corners Cleaning reserves the right to cancel and reschedule in such circumstances.  

CLEANING RATES:  Cleaning rates are subject to change as the condition of your home changes.  If the amount of time needed to clean your home differs significantly from the estimate, then an adjustment of the price will be necessary.  All Corners Cleaning reserves the right to re-evaluate the rates at any time to allow for business-related costs and increases.  You will be notified of any rate changes in advance.  

CANCELLATIONS/RESCHEDULES:  We prefer a 7-day notice or more due to employee scheduling; however, you may call at least 24 hours before your regularly-scheduled cleaning if a reschedule is needed.  We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.  We charge a $25 cancellation fee for cancellations less than one business day.  We charge a $40 Trip/Lock-Out Fee for cancellations upon arrival to your home or inability to enter the home.  We follow the weather advisory of the local ISD and run on their schedule for delays and closures due to weather.  We will reschedule if travel is unsafe. Cleaning rates will be adjusted when cleanings are rescheduled or skipped. For skipped cleanings, the rate will adjust according to the time frame between cleanings.  For example,  if you are biweekly recurring customer and skip a cleaning, the next cleaning will be at the monthly rate since it will have been one month since we last cleaned. 

PAYMENTS:  Payment is due at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made prior to cleaning or late fees may occur.  We accept cash, check or credit cards.  If you are not home, we ask that you leave payment on the kitchen counter.  If you prefer to pay by credit card, please contact our office to set up payment.  Recurring clients may pay online with a credit card by clicking "Pay Now" on our home page, which will take you to a secure payment website.  All payments are subject to sales tax.  

All Corners Cleaning reserves the right to deny service for safety, financial, or inappropriate or uncomfortable concerns or situations. 


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