*Dust all surfaces


*Ceiling fans

*Dust light fixtures

*Wipe switches

*Vacuum and mop floors

*Remove trash

*Wipe down shelving in closets

*Clean and disinfect counter tops

*Clean surfaces & outside of appliances/inside microwave

*Wipe down inside and outside of cabinets, drawers, shelving. 

*Scrub the sinks

*Clean shower/bathtubs and sinks

*Scrub the toilet

*Polish fixtures

*clean Mirrors

Other items may include:  

*baseboards *blinds *oven

*inside/outside windows *Refrigerator 

*Wipe Doors/Frames *Air Vent Covers 

*Sweeping out garage or porches

professional. reliable. local. 

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What we do: 

Whether you are moving in or moving out of your house or apartment, we have you covered with our extensive checklist.  Our services are great if you are renting and want to get back your deposit, a realtor, or homestager.


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